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Embodied Mindfulness

Body -centred practices for reconnection to your whole self.

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Trauma and exposure to chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can lead to physiological manifestations in the body.


Although the human nervous system is resilient,  it can get 'locked' into over-aroused or under-aroused states, or even in a freeze response.


When we experience long-term illness or trauma, it's also common to disassociate from our physical experience. This disconnection can leave you feeling not only cut off from yourself, but numb to life as a whole.

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Come home
to yourself again...

iRest mindfulness meditation is a somatic, or 'bottom up' approach to meeting trauma, mental health difficulties, and chronic pain or illness. 

With it you learn how to safely process your emotions and thoughts - primarily through the experience of your body.

Maybe you feel you've 'talked' about it all enough ....

Somatic mindfulness focuses beyond the narrative into the body-breath-nervous system connection.

Una offers guided and interactive practices to help you safely rebalance, reconnect, and return to feeling alive again.

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