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Mindfulness Coaching

bead of water on a stem of grass with light relecting in it - representing meditation and mindfulness insights

Meditation and
iRest  Yoga Nidra


Many therapies will focus on what's not working - but with these tools, you'll discover how peace and wellbeing are at the core of what you already are,  just as you are. 

You already have everything you need, it's just about finding it.

It's more than just mindfulness ...

iRest is a form of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Richard Miller. It is based in the ancient practices of yoga nidra, but has been adapted for modern audiences.


Each session with Una is tailored to your specific needs, and might include interactive therapeutic mindfulness work, guided relaxation and stress-relief, or even take-home recordings.

Consider this the beginning!

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