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Mindfulness at Work

online workplace sessions

"...workplaces can be places of both opportunity and risk for mental health. Employers and governments have a responsibility to... promote and protect all people’s mental health at work."


​World Health Organisation in

the ' World Mental Health Report'

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iRest mindfulness falls under the umbrella of what neuroscientist, Dr. Andrew Huberman, calls
NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) protocols.

Una offers online workplace sessions with practical, no-nonsense tools that are designed for rapid and easy access to profound states of deep relaxation. 

The practice can be done in as little as 10-15 minutes while sitting at your desk.

woman sitting on yoga mat in practicing mindfulness

What are some of the benefits of

practicing iRest mindfulness at work?

  • deep rest and relaxation

  • sleep-recovery for the sleep-deprived

  • mental health improvement (i.e. reduced depression, stress, anxiety)

  • nervous system regulation

  • increased capacity for emotional regulation

  • improved problem-solving and dispute resolution

  • better inter-personal relations


Attending Una’s Mindfulness sessions at work is always a lovely oasis in my week, time outside time. I love Una’s warm and calm approach and her soothing voice. The sessions remind me to breathe, slow down and tune into my body.

Tania, Class Participant

I’m excited about Una’s mindfulness meditations sessions each week, they are a special time of quiet, stillness and just ‘being’. Una is a wonderful natural guide , her voice is calming , anchoring us as we let go and focus in the moment. 

Sarah, Class Participant

I love the sanctuary that Una creates by allowing us to tune into our inner quiet space, and leave work behind for a short time. I have found her attention to detail, and her soothing tone really helpful in calming down my mind. Thank you for sharing your gifts Una!

Vita, Class Participant

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about online mindfulness sessions in your workplace.

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