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street art image of a heart representing purpose in life

Tantra and Purpose in the Time of the Pandemic

10 September 2020

"As I write this we’re over halfway into the “Year of the Pandemic”, or what boils down to the “Year of Great Upheaval and Uncertainty”. If you’ve been on Facebook you’ve no doubt seen the many memes declaring 2020 the year we all would just as soon forget. It's as though we're all holding our breath until this Covid thing is over..."

woman sitting on rock overlooking a scenic vista, reflecting on life

Life Before and After iRest

12 September 2019

"I’ll never forget my first encounter with iRest® founder – Richard Miller. I was in the Gold Coast at the first wave of teacher trainings to come to this part of the world, feeling very much out of my depth and wondering if I should even be there – I mean, who was I to think I could teach people to meditate? But there I was, and so was Richard Miller..."

a carton of eggs with a range of emotional faces drawn on each one

Meeting Life as It Is: iRest Yoga Nidra and the Practice of Opposites

19 March 2020

"I used to be a perfectionist living life in black and white, ‘either/or’. My understanding of the depression I experienced, for instance, was to find a way to be happy. If sad, be happy. I mean, simple really..."

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