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Live your best life

pathway and field to a beach suggesting a way forward through mental health difficulties

Mindfulness Services
with a Difference

Getting the help you need when life feels hard is not always simple.

Finding Centre offers an effective, science-backed form of complementary therapy to help you navigate the ups and downs of life and find the balance, connection, and fulfilment you've been looking for.

Maybe you feel stuck, or that you didn't get the results you wanted

from counselling.


With Finding Centre you'll learn mindfulness tools that help you authentically connect to yourself, effectively process your emotions and thoughts, and significantly improve your overall quality of life.

Everything you need is already here.
It's just about finding it.


Finding Centre offers a range of mindfulness services for individuals, groups, and couples.
peaceful woman in mindful meditation

Reclaim your life with these

simple, yet powerful, tools for

personal transformation

and self-discovery.

close up of ocean wave and sunset representing management of mental and emotional upheaval

Rediscover your centre by

learning how to manage chronic

stress, illness, depression,

and anxiety. 

Reconnect in relationship by

learning how to truly listen

and be heard.

a couple holding hands with tree in the background representing healthy relationships
close up of a young woman looking happy and mindful

Reawaken to your whole being with

 body-centred practices for emotional resolution and authentic living.

balancing rocks on seashore representing reclaiming stability in life

Reclaim your life with practices

that help you find your ground

and heal from trauma.

Reset your mind and body

with bite-sized ,'tea break',

mindfulness sessions for

the whole office.

computer on desk representing corporate mindfulness

About Una

Kia Ora. I'm Una Hubbard, founder of Finding Centre.  I've been working in the wellbeing industry in Wellington, NZ for over sixteen years.


I'm a Certified iRest® Teacher with a specialty in individual and group mindfulness meditation for people wanting therapeutic help in all aspects of their lives. Creating a safe place for real connection and transformative healing is what motivates me to do what I do. 

Una Hubbard - Finding Centre
grass on shore with water in background

What clients have to say...

"Una and her amazing iRest sessions have helped me bring a sense of calm and balance into my life. They were an integral part of my journey to a healthier headspace. I would highly recommend Una - she is experienced and kind hearted."

Yvette, Client

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